Weissensee (Lake)

"The Weissensee (German spelling: Weißensee) is a lake in the Austrian state of Carinthia within the Gailtal Alps mountain range. The highest situated Carinthian bathing lake shares its name with the municipality of Weissensee on the northern and southern shore. The western shore of the glacial lake is located near the Kreuzberg Saddle mountain pass of the Bundesstraße road from Greifenburg to Hermagor.
A smaller mountain road runs from the Drava valley via Stockenboi to the eastern end. Despite its elevation of 930 mAA (3051 ft), the lake surface can reach 24 degrees Celsius in the summer months, while in winter the water freezes over completely and allows skaters to move freely on the ice.
Due to its steep shore, the eastern part is almost uninhabited, with only a narrow path leading to the eastern end, where the area of the Stockenboi municipality reaches the lake. Here the Weißenbach creek runs down to the Drava Valley. Along the shore are banks of chalk originating from the surrounding mountains of the Southern Limestone Alps, which give the waters its characteristic colour and the Weissensee ("White Lake") its name." (Source: wikipedia)