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Weissensee (Lake)

During our vacation trips through Carinthia, we also spent a 3 days- visit to the Weissensee ("White Lake"). Right at the beginning we need to mention, that in case you intent to stay overnight directly near to the lake during the summer holiday seassons, you shall be prepaired! In our case it was luck alone, that we just got a place, just enough for our tent, which has been cleared by coincidence just on our arrival. Otherwise, all nearby accomodations, even on their 2 Camping places, located right at the lake, were totally sold out! However, especially at the you appreciate about the fact, that the Weissensee (930m above sea level) is the highest located lake of carinthia. Because then, a shroud of very fine mist covers the surface of the lake's water. What an amazing sight! Because the Weissensee is aligned to the west, the Sunset might be the most spectacular natural event to see around the Lake. The Lake is approx. 11.5km long and up to 99m deep. Because with an immense max. width of 900m, and because the Weissensee is a very eligible vacation domicil, you can imagine how busy the surface of the lake is with bathers, canoe rent, sup boarder, hobby fisher, within to some 2-hours passenger liner round trips during the summer holiday seasson. Its all there! Alone the silence is it, what we missed within the time. You can find that away from all the turmoil. Because 2/3 of the 23km long lakefront is under environmental protection. And this protected landscape has a lot of amazing sights for you to offer! Nevertheless, for us it seemed, that the very most business at the Weissensee are more focused to people with a bigger wallet. Anyway, after all we still can recommend you a visit at the Weissensee, because the nature around there has a lot to offer! In example, our curiosity brought us to the mountain rail, right at the feeds of the "Gailtaler Alpen". You can reach it by taking an enjoyable 3o min. hike So we took a ride 1400m up to the Naggler Alm. From there, tiny roads were winding around the alps landscape. Even the number of visitors were quiet high at this time, we were still able to find enough quiet places of joy. Like most of the time, we had our camera with us and we captured the most delighten moments from the Tourist Destination Weissensee for you here on! Now, please take a minute lean back and enjoy your photo tour here on ;)!