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Styrian Bodensee

The Styrian Bodensee lies 2,747m above sea level. It can be accessed through a toll road (current fee is 3 Euros/Adult), located in Aich-Gössenberg and is still a prat of the Ennstal. Even the Styrian Bodensee is a well visited location, its still possible to find a quiet little place to relax and enjoy the beautiful sight. At that entire property are 2 Restaurants. The cozy one (and actually our favorite) is right at the entrance, across the parking lot. The food in there is very traditional, but very very delicious (We ate "Kasnockerln mit Speck", what means kind of a baked cheese with tiny little bacon cubes and "Wiener Schnitzel")! Also the Service is very friendly and quick. The other one borders the lake. Its quiet a huge one, and it seems kind more expensive, than the other one. Because they grow trouts right inside the lake, their speciality meal is focused on fish. Alone for a trout you are asked for 10 Euros. Maybe that's why the entire is a non-enter area. But you can walk around. The entire hike will take you approximately an hour or so. But in order to reach the lake you have follow the beautiful mountain stream for about 15 Minutes.