The "Soldatenkapelle" (Chapel for the soldiers) and the "Römersteinbruch" (Roman stone quarry pit) are located at the District of St. Margarethen. At the east the Area borders at the Ruster Hills, which is mostly covered with dry grassland. The chapel has being built on the ocassion of the pest plage, which happens during the years of 1713-1715 at the highest point of the hills. So it can be seen from any place within 10km of its surroundings. During 1945/1946, the baroque arrangement of this chapel has being destroyed to the ground. 1971 the chapel has being rebuilt and has being dedicated to the homecoming memorial chapel and a high altar has being added. Many of the sculptures, which has being built during the 60's and the 70's because of a symposium of european sulptors decorating the entire hill around the "Römersteinbruch". This stone quarry was already known by the Romans and it is one of the most biggest in Europe. The entire ground of this hill and of the nearby quarry is very fossiliferous. Moreover, togehter with the "Neusiedler See" (the nearby lake) this area has become part of the UNESCO world heritage.