It was the last weekend of march 2018, when we went to Rust for a visitation. It was our very first time we've had the pleasure of taking a trip into the Burgenland. Burgenland borders to Hungary at the east, while at its northern side Burgenland borders on Slowenia. In order to arrive the very cozy and beautiful town, you have to pass near to Eisenstadt - the capital of Burgenland. The area of Rust is mostly very flat. The "Neusiedlersee" (local lake), which also borders on Hungary, has a length of 36km and is 7km of width. Rust is a very famous tourist place. This town is not only famous because of the large lake, but also for its excellent wine culture and for its very delicious local fishes.If you've never seen a Storck in nature yet, than Rust is a must for visit!