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"The Planneralm is a Ski area in Austria, District of Styria and close to the Rottenmanner and the Wölzer Tauern. The Ski area is located between 1600m and near to 2000m. Therefore, the Planneralm is one of the highest located Ski area in Styria. The Planneralm is affiliated to the Municipality of Irdning-Donnersbachtal. The Planneralm has downhill roads with a total length of 11km. 2km of them are heavy (black slopes), 4km Advanced Level (blue slopes) and 5km  easy level for Beginners (green slopes). Because of the ideal hight and weather conditions, all slopes are prepaired and maintained with natural snow. No artificial snow is needed. However, here is a List of all cable operated lifts in this Area:   
Plannereckbahn: Chairlift, fixed clamped w. conveyor access, built: 2000, length: 1100m, difference in altitude: 330m, transport capacity: 16 person/h.
Kleiner Rotbühellift: T-bar-lift with short brackets, built: 1968, length: 476m, diff. in altitude: 115m, transport capacity: 950 person/hr
Rotbühelbahn (Planner-Jet): Chairlift, coupleable, built at: 2000, length: 922,94m, difference in altitude: 288,30m, transport capacity: 1802 person/hr
Gläserbodenlift: T-bar lift with long brackets, built at 1972, length: 1300m, difference in altitude: 400m, transport capacity: 1200 person/hr
Beginners lift: cord lift, built at 1989, length: 80m, difference in altitude: 20m, transport capacity: 360 person/hr
Zauberteppich: conveyor belt, built at 2006, length: 24m, difference in altitude: 5m, transport capacity:130 person/hr
Zauberteppich: conveyor belt, built at 2011, length: 15m" (Source: wikipedia)