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When we talk about tourist attractions and for the sake of its visitors, the Lichtkogel is still one of the very unknown places here in Austria. Even for many locals, the very rarely visited Lichtkogel is a common unkown place. Although, the Lichtkogel is 25m² - tiny observation deck in the middle of the "Buchwald" forest (nearby Niederhofen). Its a perfect place to picknick or to chill. At the feeds of the Lichkogel lies the breath taking beauty of many places of the Ennswiesen. While at one site you can admire your view to the mystic peaks of the Admonter Mountains (named "Gesäuse"), at the other side you will have the mountain region of Göbming along the Ennswiesen right ahead of you. You can reach the Lichtkogel with an easy and very enjoyable hike through the forest. Even the Lichtkogel is located 923m over sea level, the built up forest roads are easy to manage. Also because of the uncountable beautyful sights the hike is not a challenge at all. When we went up our first time - we were speakless! No matter if during the spring, the summer, the fall or during the winter; its always worth, having a hike to the Lichtkogel! But the very best time to spend a visit is the very morning, a few moments before sunrise! When the clouds still hanging deep over the valley! This is a true feast for the eyes! Anyway, the Lichtkogel is a very good starting point for taking hiking tours right through the forest to the Spechtensee or to the nearest town Wörschach. Like most of the time, we had our camera with us and we captured the most delighten moments for you here on! Now, please take a minute lean back and enjoy our photo tour here on ;)!