"Because of his immense hight of 2,351 m, the Grimming is nouned as the highest Rock in Styria, a federal state of Austria the "Mons Styriae altissimus". Throughout every seasson, the Grimming is a real eyecatcher for every tourist, as well for the locals. The Grimming is an isolated massif between the Regions "Ennstal" and "Salzkammergut", which belongs to the mountains of the Dachstein. The Grimming is located at the east side of the Dachstein mountain and at its east edge (the Kemet mountains) he is divided through the "Salzaschlucht". Mostly, the Grimming is built out of chalk from the Dachstein for which reason he represents a premorse massif of the Dachstein plateau. All pictures, displayed in this Category are showing the immediate region, as well as the road from Trautenfels to the "Grimminghütte". From there starts a 5 hours-direct hike and climbing trail to the top of this mountain." (Source: wikipedia)