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The Grimming "The crone of thorns"

The Grimming plays a very important part of our beautiful Ennswiese! With his mayestic height of 2,351mm the big rock is throning over the valley! It has a reason, why proudly most of the locals named him as Europe's highest stand alone Rock. Some of them, title the Grimming with the affecionate name "Mons Styriae altissimus". Indeed, the Grimming is an isolated massif between the Ennstal and the Salzkammergut in Styria. No matter if spring, summer, fall or winter; The Grimming looks always Georgous! Small towns and woods are margin the bottom of the Grimming. The obviously most famous entry to the top of the rock you can find in Trautenfels. A paved road will bring you to the "Grimminghütte", the last Restaurant, lying in the middle of the woods, gives the Climber and the Hiker the last opportunity filling up their stomage with delicious food and drinks, before starting a 4.5 hours climb to the top of the mountain. Even the fixed rope routes are well prepaired, every year there are some deadly accidents happen. Our advice to you; If you are scared of height, than please do yourself a favor and stay away from this idea! However, the mountain mass is mainly out of saddle stone chalk and at the end the Grimming is just representing a broken part of the saddle stone stock. The shown images here on are taken from the very near Surrounding of the Grimming and from the mentioned road in Trautenfels within to the Restaurant "Grimminghütte". Now, please take a minute lean back and enjoy our photo tour here on ;)!