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Castle Esterházy

Even the Castle Esterházy is a place worth of a visit, the offered guidance was very disappointing! Maybe it was because of the very quick way we were almost running from room to room because another group were permanently behind us and both talks of these Guides were permanently mixing togehter. So it was hard to keep up. Anyway, for people who are looking for some good photo shots, or for those who just want to jump back for a while into an old times, a visit of this castle Esterházy should be a welcome entertainment. The entire Tour takes no longer than 30 minutes and the entry cost you about €11/person. However, right at the backyard of the castle there'S a little Pizzeria. We tried that one for you too with the conclusion, that the meals and the prices are very good! More information about the Castle Esterházy you can find here >>.