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Thank you... Ich danke Dir, dass ich durch Deine Augen die Schönheit meiner Heimat wieder neu entdecken darf! Ich wusste immer schon, dass dies hier ein besonders schöner Flecken Erde ist, bin aber durch die Gewohnheit blind für das Detail geworden! (Stichwort: Alpenglühen!) Dein Blick des Entdeckers hat auch in mir neue, - alte (?), Perspektiven wachgerufen! Danke

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The Tauplitzalm is a high plateau inside of the Salzkammergut at the styrian part of the death mountains in Austria and is located in 1600 up to 2000 meters above sea level. It's a place with a touristic  high developed infrastructure. Besides gastronomic and lodging facilities (Linzer Tauplitzhaus), since the year of 1963 it even has it own church.

To reach the Tauplitzalm per cable car you can start your journey from the little town, called "Tauplitz", or if you are motorized you will find the place if you drive along the Tauplitzalm Alpenstraße (alp road), which goes up to a height of 1621 meters over the sea level.

Anyway, at that high plateau are 6 different lakes. Besides the 3 largest (the Steirersee, the Schwarzensee and the Großsee), there are also the Krallersee, the Märchensee and the Tauplitsee. During the summer periode you have wonderful hiking oportunites to these lakes along a cliffy karst landscape, while you may spot very rare alpine plants and animals. For the winter seasson that place is very well prepaired for winter sports.

Important to mention, that the Tauplitzalm is the largest High plateau of middle europe, which contains lakes. The most famous mountains on the Tauplitzalm are the "Sturzhahn"(2028m asl) , the "Traweng" (1981m asl) and the Almkogel (2116m asl).

Whereas, along the "Traweng" mountain goes a fixed rope route which is rated with a severity of "C" (which means "difficult"). Alltogetherthere are many hills, rocks and mountains around the Tauplitzalm. In example, some of them named; the Schneiderkogel, the Mitterberg, the Roßkogel, the Tranebenkogel, the Grubstein, the Gamsspitze, the Gamsstein and the Steileck, which is located a little bit more in the east.


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Friday, 25 November 2016