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  • Burgenland
    Burgenland is the easternmost and least populous state of Austria Read more >> →
  • Carinthia
    Carinthia is the southernmost Austrian state or Land. Read more >> →
  • Lower Austria
    Lower Austria
    Lower Austria is the northeasternmost state of the nine states in Austria. Read more >> →
  • Salzburg
    Salzburg is a state (Land) of Austria. It is officially named Land Salzburg Read more >> →
  • Styria
    Styria is a state or Bundesland, located in the southeast of Austria. Read more >> →
  • Tyrol
    is a federal state (Bundesland) in western Austria. It comprises the Austrian part ... Read more >> →
  • Upper Austria
    Upper Austria
    Upper Austria is one of the nine states or Bundesländer of Austria. Its capital is Linz. Read more >> →
  • Voralberg
    Voralberg is the western most federal state (Bundesland) of Austria. Although it has Read more >> →

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Thank you... Ich danke Dir, dass ich durch Deine Augen die Schönheit meiner Heimat wieder neu entdecken darf! Ich wusste immer schon, dass dies hier ein besonders schöner Flecken Erde ist, bin aber durch die Gewohnheit blind für das Detail geworden! (Stichwort: Alpenglühen!) Dein Blick des Entdeckers hat auch in mir neue, - alte (?), Perspektiven wachgerufen! Danke

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It is documented, that at the very first time, the name "Sölk" was mentioned around 1075 to 1080. The suspension of sovereignty took place at 1848. After Austria's annexion at the year 1938 this community was affiliated to  Reichsgau, Styria.

At the 15th of november 1944 an US- american Bomber crashed near to the Putzental-Alm.

From the year 1945 until 1955 that area was a part of the US - american occupation zone. At the date of 31st of dec. 2014, the independency as a comunity of Kleinsölk became to an end. Because of an infrastructural matter besides the district of styria took place and it joined the comunities "Kleinsölk", "Großsölk" and "Sankt Nikolai" to just one community, named "Sölk". (Source: wikipedia)

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