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  • Burgenland
    Burgenland is the easternmost and least populous state of Austria Read more >> →
  • Carinthia
    Carinthia is the southernmost Austrian state or Land. Read more >> →
  • Lower Austria
    Lower Austria
    Lower Austria is the northeasternmost state of the nine states in Austria. Read more >> →
  • Salzburg
    Salzburg is a state (Land) of Austria. It is officially named Land Salzburg Read more >> →
  • Styria
    Styria is a state or Bundesland, located in the southeast of Austria. Read more >> →
  • Tyrol
    is a federal state (Bundesland) in western Austria. It comprises the Austrian part ... Read more >> →
  • Upper Austria
    Upper Austria
    Upper Austria is one of the nine states or Bundesländer of Austria. Its capital is Linz. Read more >> →
  • Voralberg
    Voralberg is the western most federal state (Bundesland) of Austria. Although it has Read more >> →

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Thank you... Ich danke Dir, dass ich durch Deine Augen die Schönheit meiner Heimat wieder neu entdecken darf! Ich wusste immer schon, dass dies hier ein besonders schöner Flecken Erde ist, bin aber durch die Gewohnheit blind für das Detail geworden! (Stichwort: Alpenglühen!) Dein Blick des Entdeckers hat auch in mir neue, - alte (?), Perspektiven wachgerufen! Danke

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It took me a great effort to make you feel comfortable and cozy, by providing you with the most useful tools I could think of, while you are browsing around here on In order to make you browsing on even more comfortable, I created a Website Assistent, where you can take a look, if any question about this site should arise,


 The Main Menu

Places of men

at the top menu, I added all civilised places, i.e: Cities, Villages, etc. Besides very rare shots from the inside of the Admont Abbey, there are also mystical places, such as the Ringschweiger and the Castle Ruin of Wolkenstein. If you like different perspectives, you definitely should take a look at it.  Just for purposes of space and design, I also added Vienna, the 9nth Austrian State under this section.


Inside of the Event section, you will find lots of pictures and brief descriptions about the previous and (perhaps in future) upcoming Events, held by The frames, showing in the Exhibition Gallery are not for sell right now, but you can order them in advance. If you live outside of Austria, you will also need to cover the cost for delivery of your preference. But should you be interested about a Vernissage or a regular PhotoExibition with pictures from, you definitely should get in touch with me.

Online Store

The Online Store is one of the very new features here on There you'll only find the best high quality resolution pictures of! Every single picture contains hours of passionate and careful editing. Because my intention is, that here on AustriaLandscapes, you are only getting the very best images, available on the web. Under Events, many of them are displayed, in a printed and framed version. At the top center of this page there's a quick jump button. This allows you to jump with only one single click from any place you are, directly into the Online Store.


As already mentioned at the home screen, this is all about a live chat page. After register, you can advice people all over the world, who have questions about any topic, related to Austria. If you have questions yourself, you are invited to share them with the - community! The Conversation section has an English and a German (mother tounge of Austria) - section. Since almost Everyone in Austria speaks a fluid English, there should be no problems by communicating each other.

There are just 2 rules:
1. In respect to every human creature on this planet, we do NOT tolerate ANY political topics, or hateful and racist propaganda! Neither any commercial advertising will be tolerated!
2. Even we have different ways, how to see our world, please treat each other with respect, tolerance and care! If you find yourself treated in a inappropriate way, please report immediately!


If you like this site and/or you have any suggestions how to make even more attractive, that is the place you should go and leave us your mindful proposal! Of course, me as the Administrator and Founder of this Project, I'm always pleased about motivating and soul-spoiling words! But finally you are the only one, who decides, if I deserve your opinion or not.


I hope this Part of the site should be self explanatory for every visitor. Nevertheless, I do my best to get back in touch with you as soon as I can.

The Slide Menu

The slide menu I did for people like me, who loves to play around with fancy and well designed Gadgets! There you can jump from state to state! Vienna, the ninth state of Austria, you can find inside the places of men. Since I still did not have the opportunity to travel throughout the entire country of Austria, you still might find some of the displayed states empty.

Nevertheless, this is only a matter of time, when I finally will be able to fill them with colorful images and with helpful Information. While browsing through the photo galleries, if you should find a picture, you would be interested, that I add as an high resolution image into the OnlineStore, please contact me. The contact form also contains a part, where you can specify the respective picture. I will get back to you to my earliest convinience.

Menu bar

The menu bar stands as a substitute for the slider menu. It is for people, who don't like to play around, and just want to browse quickly. The same as the slider menu, the menu bar contains the main 8 federal states of Austria, such as Carinthia, Lower Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Burgenland, Tyrol, Voralberg and Upper Austria, whereas I've moved Vienna, the 9th federal state into places of men. Also a great alternative for java-script blocking environments or for User with middle sized (15"-) screens and below.

Left side bar

If you are looking for a specific topic on this site, the main search bar at the very top of the left sidebar offers you a quick search for content on this site. Sometimes, it happens, that the search engine seems to stuck; Is that the case, than just hit one more time at the search icon, and voila! All search results will be available to you in a second! The left side bar become a very important tool to you, when you browse via the side menu throughout the galleries. Because there you can swith from place to place just with a simple mouse click. The tree at the center top of the page is nothing else than a quick jump to the OnlineStore.

At the left border of the left side bar, at the social bar you can find all social communities, AustriaLandscapes is associated with. Just by clicking on, it will expand and it will inform you about the latest updates and activities. Of course, you are invited to like them, and to join the community!

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Can you see the Calendar icon at the top at the right side? Click on it! Right below the new year calendar 2017 are the latest guest book entries. Just below the newest guest book entries you'll find another very helpful tool; The OnlineStore search bar: Inside a Gallery, if you find a picture, you really want to get, but you're not in a mood to browse for it through the entire OnlineStore, you just type in the name of the picture, and you'll get leaded right away the picture you're looking for. Directly inside the OnlineStore, are some useful tags, which allow you to search by already provided word suggestions. I.e. this helps you, if you are going to create a calendar of anything related to a specific topic. On most of the pages, the right side bar provides you with the newest pictures in Just by clicking on one of them, it will bring you immediatly to the respective Gallery where the picture you clicked on is located.

The Footer

In order to make your user experience more compfortable, once again I also added the entire menu structure  at the very bottom of the page. So it prevents you from annoying scroll back to the top of the page.

I hope this Web Assistant can help you to get familiar with the very new release of If you still find missing an important Gadget, than please let me know!